Various Musings, Rick’s Anniversary Party…Etc…

Next week Rick’s Cabaret will celebrate their fourth anniversary of their flagship location in NYC!

Come one…come all!

It’s going to be a funtabulous jungle theme complete with foliage, food, and ladies.


Also, here’s a link to my Facebook page…I do not have a page for personal use…this is the only page…all others are imposters…(actually there’s a teenage Randi Newton living in Canada who has become my cyber friend, please don’t add her by mistake…unless you want to.)


I’ve had quite a nasty bout of writers block lately.  I’m currently working on FOUR projects…actually only physically really working on three.  One is stuck inside my head and has yet to manifest itself on paper.  I’m hoping by next week it will find itself further ahead.

On a random side note:

I’m thinking about cutting soy out of my diet for a week.  Will that make that much of a difference with weight loss?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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