Anybody want to be in my book club?

Yeah Oprah is cool and all, and yes she does pick some stellar books…but perhaps the Wall Street Stripper should start a book club of her own.

I’m open to suggestions, but if you want to read what I’m currently lying in bed with you can buy it here:

“Around the World in 80 Lays” by Joe Diamond.  I’m almost finished with this and I’m already planning a trip to Brazil!  I’ve met Joe and he’s mad cool and a fabulous writer!…

This book has been sitting gathering dust on my bedroom floor:

“Shopgirl” by Steve Martin.  Yes THAT Steve Martin…you know the actor and comedian.  Although I’m sure Mr. Martin is really cool as well, I do not know him personally.  I saw him at an art gallery about 7 years ago and I was too scared to say anything to him.  I remember that he was drinking a glass of champagne,and I heard that he had a fondness for British brunettes with glasses-eventually I heard that he married one.

I tried to start a book club with a guy I liked who claimed that he didn’t have the attention span or desire to read anything that was “too long”, because he’s busy with work.  I figured that “Shopgirl” would be a good pick, as it’s only 150 pages.  However during “week one” of our two person club (does two people even constitute calling yourselves a club?)…he said he just didn’t have to read through the first 30 assigned pages…so much for that book club.

Seriously though….anybody want to be in my book club?  I’m open to suggestions on reading material after “Around the World in 80 Lays”.  It doesn’t have to be adult oriented or themed…just something interesting and fast paced.

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