How to lose 220 pounds in 6 months…

For starters…stop seeing your boyfriend.  That’s the quickest way to shed a unneccsary extra 200 pounds of body fat.

After that, the weight loss didn’t come easy.  I’m writing this blog, because some people have questioned how it is that I’ve dropped a little over 20lbs in the past 6 months.  Firstly, thanks for all of the kind words and well wishes, compliments, etc…I appreciate it all tremendously.  I really do.

Then of course along with the good comes the bad, and the people who make accusations.

I lost my weight by completely changing my lifestyle, diet, and exercise plan.  I traded some bad habits for good ones.  No I am not starving myself or anorexic.  I’m definitely not depriving myself of splurges of my fave foods.  I’ve been on a roll and I want to get in the best physical condition ever.  By cutting back on booze, doing gyrotonics which I SWEAR by…not to mention I see a therapist and an accupuncturist to keep things in check as well-I’ve managed to shed a lot of body fat and inches.  There is no miracle cure or magic pill.  Just hard work and determination.

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