Not your typical roommate situation…

I’ve been living with the same roommate for approximately the past six years.  We are one BILLION percent polar opposites…and as weird as it’s been at moments…it’s honestly the best living situation I’ve ever had.  We hardly EVER see one another.

We get along well, although there are moments where she will complain about me leaving a single cup in the sink, or something to that effect, by leaving a well written polite, yet firm note.  She’s British, a bit older than me, and a lovely kind person.  She makes tea several times a day in an old school whistling tea pot.  The first time around 6:00 am…the second between 2-5pm.  Over the years hearing the little whistle has become oddly comforting, and annoyed as I am with things at times.

She has no idea about my part-time job-by some miracle of God, she was out-of-town for a week during the media’s hype of Wall Street Stripper and didn’t grab the Post, or see any of the interviews I did.  It was her first trip out of NYC for about 3 years…so it was pretty good timing.  So if she as any inkling, I have no idea.  We keep to ourselves.  I pay my rent on time.  I’m pretty quiet and spend most of my free time in my room watching reality television or reading a book.  When I moved in, I barely had furniture-now I have a few staple key items in my bedroom…she has the majority of the living room area and our tastes are…AHEM…quite different.

Since I’ve lived the longest in this apartment and in NYC than I’ve lived ANYWHERE my entire life-which I truly appreciate more and more each day, and since I resigned my lease I decided to “personalize” my half of the living room which is has been sadly vacant of any decor-and has been for the duration of my stay.  I decided to go with a retro red and white theme, complete with a lava lamp, matching red pillow, and a retro-esque red and green red rug that I know sounds Christmassy, but I assure you it works.  By the end of this week, I plan on re-hanging my “Barbarella” poster in the living room.  It used to be in my bedroom…but I believe that even though it’s a killer print, it was bad feng shui…so I removed it, but it would really jazz up my scheme for my half of the room.

So here’s my poster:


I think this is totally radical…!

Then I come home to this picture that magically appears on her half of the living room:


It’s Angela Lansbury post Murder She Wrote days….my friends tell me that this is her way of trying to mess with my vibe that I’m trying to set in the lviing room…but I don’t know if that’s the case.  All I know is that Angela’s eyes follow you…and it’s a bit scary walking through the living room with the lights off.  Hopefully this pic will “retire” from the living room soon…but I’m not sure if I should start holding my breath.  Don’t get me wrong…I loved Angela Lansbury in “Sweeny Todd” that I saw on PBS…but this autographed pic kind of scares me a bit.

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