And it persists…

The reason I have insomnia is my own fault.  I am aware of this, yet I still don’t really fully accept that most of the time.

For example-my accupuncturist, Deb, who is quite amazing and has helped me with my bouts of this issue and my horrific tendonitis, blames my computer as the root of this evil plague in my life.  I really love my computer.

“I wish I could jack your computer from you for one night Randi!”

I know she’s 100% right.  Yet, here it is late at night once again, and I’m not listening to her, but playing online.  I am being productive and using the excuse that I need to update this blog…but whether or not I’ll actually turn off my computer after this entry is up in the air right now.


I bought bodhi tree lights recently for my bedroom.  In hopes to better help ease me into sleep.


It’s said that Buddha was enlightened after sitting under a bodhi tree…the lights are made from actual tree leaves which have been specially treated,etc…and there’s even a disclaimer stating that no branches were cut when the lights were manufactured.  I’ve been more at ease since I’ve put these lights in room, and even though I’m still having problems sleeping I’d like to think that these have something to do with it…although it could also be from the various sleeping aids I take from night to night.

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