Some stuff I’m reading…

I have a goal of reading at least TWO books a month now.  I have too many conversations on a daily basis that deplete me of brain cells, so I figure I can hopefully gain some of them back by reading actual literature, rather than conversing about shoes, makeup, puppies and reading US Weekly.

I am simultaneously reading two completely different types of books.  The first is “Around The World in 80 Lays” by my pal Joe Diamond, which is extremely entertaining, interesting, well written, and has me quite curious to go to Brazil now.

The other is “Bright Shiny Morning” by James Frey.  There’s one passage in there that describes the traffic in LA to a “T”:

Driving on the 405 is like standing in line for a roller coaster.  You dread the line, you know you have to deal with it, you get in it, and then you slowly inch your way forward for what seems like an eternity.  It’s always hot, something always smells, you always regret having decided to get in the line.  Unlike a roller coaster line, however, there is usually no payoff when you get off the 405.  Whether you’re getting on another highway, freeway or interstate, or getting on one of Los Angeles’s larger surface streets, the only thing you get is more traffic.  More traffic.  More f*cking traffic. F*ck.

I really hated the traffic in Los Angeles.

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