It’s worse than swine flu…

More of my friends are getting married and popping out kids.  Like it’s going out of style.  Two more girls I know got hitched last weekend!  WOW!

My family has never put any pressure on me to get married or have children, they just want me to be happy.  Of course those are things that I’d like to have, but in due time.  I don’t see the rush in getting married.  Like, what’s the hurry?  Of course if it involves tax breaks, health insurance reasons, and other circumstances…go for it.  I guess I’m not that old fashioned.  My sister was with her husband for about 8 years before they got married…

I remember the first friend of mine who got married.  It was right after high school.  She married one of her camp counselors.  They are still together and there was a rumor at our high school reunion that he was really gay.  They do not have a computer though because they are Amish, so I doubt they will see this blog.

THREE of my friends are currently pregnant.  One of them has morphed into a weird “zen” and judgemental baby obsessed woman.  She has already told me that if she has a daughter, she hopes she never ends up in a strip club.  Is that a jab towards me?  Did I turn out THAT bad?  I don’t think so…I attribute this statement to hormonal changes she’s going through.

My other friend is extremely cool and very matter of fact and excited about the baby.  I think she’ll be an awesome and fun mom.

The third friend hasn’t come out to anyone about her pregnancy, so I don’t know what the deal is with that one.

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