When you sign up for it…

One of my last single friends got married this weekend in Texas.  I was not invited to any of the festivities, which frankly, was fine with me for various reasons.  Of course I was a little bummed that I didn’t receive an invitation.  I felt a little slighted and even that she was maybe a little ashamed of having me be a part of it…on the OTHER hand…I didn’t have to fly to Texas and stay in an overpriced hotel and I guess that means I don’t need to buy the couple a wedding gift now do I?  She and I worked together very briefly at one of the first clubs I was employed at and as soon as she left the job…she left most of her memories and acquaintances behind with the club.  She kept me around until I started getting press…then slowly phased me out of her life.  I do wish her happiness and success in wherever life will take her.  Actually, I doubt she even reads this blog.  Whatevs.

When you’re working in an industry such as the one I’m in it can cause a variety of reactions.  initially when I started working in the biz, I just assumed I’d be out in a few short years.  I figured it would be something I’d be able to avoid telling my family, and certain friends.  Ehhh….that’s not the case now.

Obviously, I’ve been in the business a little longer than a few short years and a chunk…even though it’s probably a little small chunk of the United States, has maybe seen me on tv, and knows where I work.

I’ve been un-invited to certain things, not introduced to certain friends of friends because they haven’t “come out” to certain people in their lives.  I can certainly respect that, and I would never “out” anyone-but their fear of guilt by association can be tough to stomach sometimes.  I’m not the type of girl who blurts out, “Oh I used to be a stripper?”…I mention that I’m a writer and if it’s questioned on what it is I write about, I tell them the truth: Personal non-fiction.  If they continue to ask what exactly it is I write about, I just say, “Well, I’ve had a really interesting weird life.”  Usually that statement is enough to satisfy what they want to hear.  Most of the time I’m wearing conservative clothes and I’m even a little shy…so no one really would ever guess where I work.

I appreciate my friends tremendously who do support me and love me for who I am.  I especially appreciate my family who does as well…because I can be a little difficult, but in only the way one of your most annoying relatives can.

Frankly, I really shouldn’t be complaining though and it’s not that I really am at all…didn’t I sign up for this?  I was the one who chose to go public right?

I also really want to thank Ashley for being my friend even after I wore cornrows to her baby shower…and of course would like to thank my stylist and close personal friend Mala for braiding them and for taking away the Red Bull from me the other day.  Thank you for that.

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