Photos from softball! YAY!

It was the perfect day for a softball game in Hells Kitchen.  The girls from Rick’s Cabaret played the Howard TV guys…I can’t tell you who wins, but here are some pics:


Obviously I am not in the picture above because I am taking it…but here is a picture of me:


Yes that is a sugar free Red Bull in my bra…a representative from Red Bull happened to be watching the game and gave me a sample of their new energy shot.  I cursed and thanked him at the same time and told him of my obsession for his energy drink.  Sadly neither of us had business cards, but Red Bull man, if you come upon this blog please give me an endorsement deal…you can pay me in Red Bull. Please!


Once again, I am not in the picture above, but taking it of the Ricks team.


And of course everything is fine and dandy until someone gets hurt.  This poor man named Doug broke his wrist!  His wife is having a baby next week and he’s very concerned about helping out with the newborn with only one arm.  We went to the hospital and goofed off in the ER…here are some pics of me and my friend from Ricks:


Shortly after taking the picture below, we were told to please not “play with the wheelchair”…sorry hospital…! Don’t I look sad in the chair for getting yelled at!  Boo….!


So after we left, my friend from Ricks, and Benji from Howard TV decided to come to the gym with me.  Here we are doing cardio on the elliptical machine.  We actually did a legit 20 minute workout.  What an awesome day!


I am in the white tank top:


So overall it was a really good game and fun day, even though someone broke their wrist.  Feel better Doug!

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