Very excited!  Filming something for Howard TV on Friday with Rick’s Cabaret….yippy yay!  Pictures and stories and more to come.  I’ve updated the press and media section just in case you haven’t checked it out.  I have a photo shoot next week and should be posting some fun new pics soon…and this website will most likely be getting a spanking brand new look…aren’t you just so excited?!  Woo hoo…

I’ve had a really…I’ll use the word…inspiring past few months.

I think everyone faces disappointments in life.  It’s how we choose to handle them and how to react, that determines the outcome.  Only you can control your state of mind…sure we can let other people affect it, but life is too short to let bitches bring you down.  Whenever I have something that sets me back, I now try not to dwell on it.  It does no good.  Upward and onward.

Still battling insomnia and it’s a bitch!  My goal is to be sound asleep by 7:00am.  I cut myself off from caffeine at 4:30 today and I plan on tossing all of my beloved energy drinks that I’ve stockpiled in my fridge…that is unless that endorsement deal offer comes through over the next 24 hours.  My accupuncturist told me that she wants to hijack my computer because that’s probably one of the reasons I cannot go to bed at a reasonable hour.  I know she’s right.  I really do.

That’s all for now! Nighters….

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