I guess it’s not REALLY insomnia…

I fear that I have learned the hard way that I can no longer consume certain energy drinks that contain taurine and massive amounts of caffeine.

I am open to endorsement deals for energy drinks-and discussed that with two lovely men tonight at work that do marketing for such a product-however I fear that they were probably too intoxicated and will not remember the conversation by the am.

Why is it that I can pull off drinking…oh…let’s say five of these energy drinks…in Las Vegas without alcohol and be in a perfectly good mood…(other than an incident at the bar made of ice in Vegas where I experienced minor caffeine rage and was “cut off” by my friend from drinking any of it for two hours)…however in the comfort of my own city only three of the same energy drinks make me crazy and experience severe anxiety.

However despite this, I am still willing to endorse and promote your energy drink…that or frozen yogurt.

This website tells you how much caffeine can kill you…I think I’m safe for now and in no real danger of death by caffeine, but I could very well slap someone…


I will now proceed to take advantage of being up at this hour and clean my apartment.

Thank you.

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