The VMA’s AND…as if no one is talking about this…why shouldn’t I….?

Here is a clip, if it hasn’t been removed, of Kanye West ruining poor little Talyor Swift’s moment:

Here is Beyonce graciously giving Taylor back her moment:

I don’t know if the “moment” was contrived by Beyonce’s “people”, but I do think the gesture was unbelievably sweet on B’s part.

It’s really too bad. Kayne West is extremely talented in his musical style, but truly the most arrogant performer I have ever encountered (I’ve only seen his behavior on tv…I’ve never met him in person).  Who knows, it could be a stunt from his publicist, but if it is, it’s certainly not a good one.  Sure he apologized on his blog to Swift…but come on.  It’s a well known fact that the labels/agents repping the artist’s at the VMA’s are completely aware of who’s winning what beforehand.

Like I said, I’m sure a lot of people are talking about this…but I’m having writers block at the moment and cannot think of anything else to write about.

I did not attend the VMA’s this year, like I have in the past…but I did attend the Calvin Klein afterparty which was held at “Fall Out Boys”-Pete Wenz’s bar- Angels and Kings, in the east village.  Although my photo was snapped holding a CK Free sign(I love CK FREE!  I must add…a must have for all you men out there!)-alas I did not make it on the wireimage site….oh well.

The party was fab and I was very pleased to see that Red Bull was a sponsor, as I am currently addicted to the sugar free kind.  As I was leaving the party with my friends there was a power outage at the bar and everyone started singing George Michael’s Faith.  I’m assuming that the power eventually came back on, but I was most likely sleeping when that finally happened, safe in my own bed.

Check back tomorrow, and maybe I’ll put some more fun stuff up!


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