Wouldn’t you know it…

About a year ago I ran into my old boss from Morgan Stanley at Ricks.  He was extremely nice when he came in the club, but I did not give him a dance or offer…that would’ve been weird.

Since I appeared on the cover of The Sunday New York Post and on The O’Reilly Factor, I’ve often wondered if he, or any of my old co-workers were aware of it.

I didn’t know how to approach him, I wasn’t sure if I should email or call and let him know.  I did worry that since I didn’t hear from him afterwards that maybe I had offended him…then again, did I expect a “courtesy call” from my old boss at all saying that he saw my press and either loved it or hated it?  I told myself that not knowing his reaction was probably for the best.

I always try to convey that I had a very positive working experience at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in the press that I do, although I am aware that sometimes things in print in particular can be misconstrued.  I was nervous that I could’ve possibly offended some by misprints, typos, etc…Truthfully, I’m really grateful for the learning and life experience that MSDW gave me.  Being a part of the 9-5 world wasn’t the career path of my choice, but I really did appreciate the opportunity  I had working for them.  I believe the skills I acquired there, have only helped to benefit me in my current occupation and employment at Rick’s Cabaret.

So tonight when I’m at work and I glance over at the bar and see my old boss…I took a deep breath and walked up to him.

I suppose he has been living under a rock, or does not read certain newspapers or watch Bill O’Reilly, because he was pleasantly surprised when I told him what I had been up to.  I was able to show him the Post cover that’s displayed in the hall at Rick’s.  We spent some time catching up and he bought me a drink and conversed with some of my lovely co-workers…I even gave him my business card and told him to bring the rest of his department in.

The visit with him couldn’t have gone better, the only thing that was dissapointing was that he seemed to vanish from the bar and I did not get to say goodbye to him.  Seeing that his reaction to the press was positive truly made my night.

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