RIP Haunted Strip Club!

After over 20 years of business the “haunted strip club” that I used to work at in Los Angeles shut down earlier this week.

If you’ve ever flown into LAX odds are you’ve seen this…uh…interesting landmark:


Yes I worked at this place.  Don’t judge.  The stories I have about The Carolina Century Lounge are SPECTACULAR!  I’m grateful for the experience I had there as weird as it was.  I was only there for a little under a year, but I could go on for hours about this place…(it’s in my book…or if you’re lucky maybe I’ll divulge some of it here earlier if I get some friendly positive feedback)

This club’s exterior was featured in the movie “City of Angels” in a heartwrenching scene where Nicholas Cage sits in front of it on a bench in the rain and cries after Meg Ryan dies.


The club made headlines in the news back in 2005 when the owner posted this on the marquee.  Toys R’ Us even threatened a lawsuit. (I was not employed at the club at the time).

I was actually planning on stopping by as a patron the other night with some friends-but after checking online I discovered the club had closed down because their lease had expired and was not renewed.  I drove by to see if anyone was there that I used to work with and took some pics of what it looks like now:


There was also an adult shop in the front of the club.  I was always too scared to check it out when I worked there…someone told me that Angelina Jolie once stopped by there to purchase a rather large “toy”.  I heard they had a big clearance sale earlier this week so maybe she stopped back by.


The door was open and I popped my head in to see if my old boss was there.  He wasn’t, but another woman I used to work with was.  I gave her my Rick’s business card and told her what I was up to…she didn’t really seem to care, but nonetheless I was glad I stopped by the place before it’s demolished and becomes another boring parking structure by the airport.

I wonder if the parking structure will be haunted by the ghosts that roamed the Century Club.

I am still on vacation.  I am doing nothing but watching gobs of mindless reality television, playing on the internet and blogging if I feel the need to.  I love being on vacation!

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