How to Elope in Las Vegas…

I have left Las Vegas…

One of my main goals while there was attempting to get a good male friend of mine wasted so we could get married. The last time he was drunk he said we could elope if an Elvis impersonator was involved. My plan didn’t work, and a few hundred dollars after I bought him shots I realized I had gotten him TOO wasted to do just anything but go back to his hotel room alone. Whoops! Sorry! 🙂

Eloping in Sin City is harder than you think. In the movies they don’t tell you that you have to go to city hall and wait around for a license which usually takes awhile. You can’t just stroll in a chapel and get married without a license. It’s really cheap to get one, but the actual wedding packages are pricey.

or then there’s the polar opposite of the site above:

My friend and her husband used the “drive thru” option at Little White Chapel and wore white Juicy Couture sweatsuits in a white rented Honda accord. They are now divorced.

then there’s the happy medium:

I had to throw this in:

I can’t stand theme restaurants, and I used to work at Planet Hollywood in college. I certainly wouldn’t want to get married in one…I’d sooner get hitched at ESPN Zone.

So I didn’t get married in Vegas…would I ever? Yeah maybe I would, but it wouldn’t be with a random stranger. The packages at Mandalay Bay’s The Hotel look quite lovely. I think people put too much emphasis on wedding ceremonies and planning out such a big event that lasts only one day, rather than focusing on the actual relationship. Personally, I’d rather go to city hall and blow the $ I’d spend on a wedding and reception on an apartment or car.

But at the rate things are going this looks like who I”ll be marrying:

oh…my…I don’t think so.


MUCH to the surprise of myself, and many others I did not have a single alcoholic beverage while in Vegas! For various reasons I am not drinking at the moment-and NO I am not pregnant.

I tried to get one of my managers, Tito, to bet me $2,000 that I’d not drink booze while in Las Vegas. My idea was that if I didn’t, he’d give me 2G, but if I did I’d give him the money. He did not accept the bet.

I am seeing how long I can go without booze. Since I’ve stopped my skin has cleared up and I’ve dropped about 20 lbs and I look younger so I’m really motivated to keep it up. Although the thought of having a shot or a glass of wine sounds tempting as I’d probably become immediately intoxicated and or wasted and somewhat of a cheap date.

Anyways…I’m still on vacation right now…it’s glorious. I haven’t taken any time off in a year. I don’t have to be up early, I don’t have to be anywhere. It’s nice that my biggest concerns are trying to locate a Red Mango where I’m staying, figuring out how many days I should do cardio, making sure I can tivo True Blood, maybe rent the first season of Mad Men-I have yet to see an episode-and determine if it’s worth it to have regular or fat free ranch dressing.

I will end this blog by saying the only bad thing about my time in Vegas was that housekeeping from the hotel used HALF of a bottle of my new Latisse! They gave me a discount though…so all is forgiven.

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