Have You Ever Wondered?

So I’m walking down the strip last night in Vegas, and my male friend was handed a card advertising a girl on a card-who I assumed was a hooker for “Only $35”.

During my past visits to Vegas I’ve seen these cards and I’ve always been curious.  What does $35 get you from a “lady of the evening”?  Would the woman be willing to sit around and just chat for cash?  I was seriously interested in inviting her over for beer and a pizza to my room.  If I were an escort, frankly that would be a nice break in my work day to chill out compared to getting laid.

I called the number on the card, and the phone girl verified by calling my hotel that I was indeed a guest and not some serial killer.  I was then told that “Britney” could come to my room, but it would not be only $35 like the business card said.  It would be $300, but they’d knock off $35 as a special bonus.  Not exactly a lie, but still a bit misleading.  The girl on the phone was so sweet and friendly and assured me that I’d have an amazing unforgettable time with Britney, but I didn’t really feel like spending $300 so I politely declined and hung up.

I’m in my hotel room around 4:30 am, and my phone rings.

It’s Britney.

“Hi baby!  Did you want me to come over and play?”  I told her that I was asleep and that no, I did not think it was a good time for her to come over.  She sounded sad and hung up.

The next morning at 10:30am my phone rings again.  This time it’s a friend of Britney’s, “Jessica”.  “Hi baby!  I’m right by your hotel…do you want me to come over?  I politely told “Jessica” that I wasn’t feeling well and to please stop calling me.  Her tone changed from very sweet and concerned to annoyed and she hung up.

The point of this story is you cannot get a hooker to come to your hotel room for $35….well at least not one you’d probably WANT to actually sleep with.  I hope this helps clear up any questions or curiosities that people may have about these mystery $35 business cards.

I’ve had a wonderful time in Las Vegas, although as my trip winds down I’ve found that I’m very tired despite the massive amounts of sugar free Red Bull and every other sugar free energy drink I can get my hands on.  It’s been a pleasure meeting everyone at the convention.  I will be posting pics of the Awards Show soon.  I’m thrilled to say that Tootsies in Miami was awarded a regional club of the year award, and Ken Sistrunk of Rick’s Cabaret was chosen as best general manager, a man well deserving of that honor.

Feel free to add me on Facebook-just leave me a personal note…and follow me on twitter as “wallstreetstrip”.

If anything crazy happens my last night in Vegas…I’ll be sure to blog again…but then again you know what they say….what happens in Vegas….

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