I Wish I Could Blog About Whatever I Wanted To!!!

Yet I cannot.  Yes we are all entitled to freedom of speech, however there are lots of things that I cannot write about here in fear of making enemies, losing friends, and various other things that I cannot…well…I cannot blog about.  Damn.

Can I just say that Facebook makes it extremely easy to stalk people unless your profile is private?  In making this statement I saying that I am NOT stalking anyone. What’s I’m saying is that it makes it very easy to figure out where the cute guy I like is going to be this weekend.  In fact I know where A LOT of my Facebook friends are going this weekend.  This guy and I are Facebook friends and we’ve met in real life about a dozen times, I’ve written on his “wall”, yet he barely knows that I am alive, but when you rsvp to an event it lets the entire world know that you are going-or not-and what the address of the event is.  I could easily show up and be like “Oh my gosh!  I didn’t know you were going to be here! What are the odds…this must be fate!”

Facebook and other networking sites help people “bullshit”.  They assist us in figuring out how to get information about people that we may want to get to know better…or vice versa.  It’s better than google when you want to get to know more about somebody.  Facebook is a good tool in helping to “force” destiny or fate in situations regarding the opposite/same sex in romantic circumstances with many females I know, and probably a few males.

Does anyone remember that television show “Felicity”?  It’s like the episode where Noel hacked into that model’s email account and found out that she was reading an obscure book (amongst other things)?  He went as far as to buy it, and  carried the book around campus on purpose so she’d run into him and think to herself, “Omg! It’s fate!  We’re reading the same weird book.” When in fact he was really just hacking into her email account.  Of course she found out and I do not remember what happened at the end of the episode, but she was just a “guest star”, so I’m assuming that it didn’t work out with them.

This is the end of this blog entry.  I am aware that it’s an abrupt ending, but I am tired and do not feel like writing anymore for the evening. Godspeed.

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