“I think I read your blog…”

Someone said to me the other day:

“Hey, I think I read your blog.”

I asked them what they read, and they drew a blank.  I think the person was lying.  I wanted to say:  You THINK you read it? You mean you don’t know if you do or not? I mean…it’s not Pulitzer prize material by any means, but come on…I think you’d know if you’d read it or not.

Someone also told me the other day that they do not like my blog.  I wanted to tell them that I didn’t like them, but whatever.  You cannot please everyone.

Please go to www.exoticdancer.com and vote for Ken Sistrunk to be manager of the year. Click on “Convention”, then click on “GM voting”.  Please vote for Ken, he’s an amazing manager and has been a good friend for years.

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