I Think it’s Finally Happening!

Lately I’ve noticed that I can no longer stomach certain reality television programs.

When I lived in Los Angeles, a favorite pastime of mine and a group of friends, was getting drunk and watching “Intervention”-such a contradiction.  Now the majority of us who did that don’t drink anymore, so I guess the program helped us in some weird way.

It’s no longer easy for me to watch “Daisy of Love” or “The Real World”.  When I watch these shows I feel like I’m back in college watching my drunk group of girlfriends complain about stuff.  I’ve tried to get into “The Real World Cancun” this season, but every episode is like the next.  Someone getting wasted and trying to hook up with a tourist in Mexico-having guilt about a significant other-and there’s always the token dramatic person who almost gets kicked out of the house.

My ex boyfriend is like the biggest loser…and not in the reality show sense…haha…I just had to throw that in there. (bad joke..I know!)

I recently finished watching this season of “The Bachelorette”.  I’ve decided that I prefer watching “The Bachelor” over “The Bachelorette”.  There’s something unsettling about watching a group of men cry and fight over the same woman…yet it’s so very entertaining watching women cry and fight over the same guy.  Am I making fun of them?  Maybe I am…but I’ve been a crying, fighting woman myself…so I can do that.

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