From now on I’m using a stage name!

I’m not talking about work…I’m talking about in real life.

I went on a blind date the other night.  It’s my own fault for having my last name on my outgoing voicemail message that the other party involved googled me…but it was obvious they did based on certain things that were said and odd statements, questions, etc…  Upon asking the other party flat out, “Umm…did you google me?” I didn’t get a straight yes or no answer, which in my book means: “Yes I did google you, I’m just not admitting it.”  I wouldn’t of been upset had he said that he did.  I just don’t like it when people beat around the bush.

Hey, if I was going on a date with someone I’d google them too.  I’ve so done that before, and you know what…I’ll do it again!

A few years ago I was supposed to go out with a guy I met on an internet dating site.  He gave me his full name and I proceeded to google them and immediately found out that he was lying about his weight and using a pic that depicted him as being literally 100 pounds lighter than he currently was.  I’m not slamming this person, because I’ve also been guilty of using old pics though.  I thought I could pull it off, but my date told me otherwise.   About a year ago I had posted some photos of myself as a blonde and when I showed up to meet the guy for drinks, he made it very visible according to his expression that he didn’t like what he saw.  He even went as far as to email me telling me so.  Maybe I was just being overly sensitive and took it personally, maybe he was a jerk…but I changed the pics.  Other than meeting people in general, I haven’t really had any problems other than the google factor.

Maybe from now on I will just tell people my name is like Cher’s, it’s just “Randi”.  No last name, no nothing…google that.

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