Insomnia Strikes Once Again…

I should call this blog insomnia strikes maybe “twice” again…or better yet…”three or four times” again…My doctor refuses to give me lunesta or ambien, but I’m seriously thinking about getting on the Internet.  I suppose I could try and buy it off of a friend or something.

I took a xanax last night so I could sleep. It was glorious.  I didn’t even get sleepy, I think it hit me fairly quickly before I really appreciated it and I zonked right out.  Attempting to wake up in the morning was not pleasant.  Xanax is considered a “dirty” drug because coming off of it one is a little foggy and cranky.  I’ve heard that ambien and lunesta have the same after effects.

The first time I took a xany to sleep which was last week I woke up in a different position than I usually sleep in and my arm hurt as if I thrashed around throughout the night.  I woke up this morning with the remote control glued to my face and had an indention of it in my forehead.  This makes me worry that ambien or lunesta would make me sleepwalk or shop in my sleep.

Tonight…actually momentarily after I post this blog, I will shut off my computer, take my Chinese sleeping herbs that haven’t been working as well lately…and attempt to “bore” myself to sleep.

Speaking of BORING someone to sleep….I apologize if my blog has paled in excitement lately.  My life has been filled with a lot of monotony lately.  I’m waiting to hear back on various projects and with the warm weather and summer months, people tend to take their time on making decisions.  Do I mind that my life has been pretty monotonous as of late?  No.  It’s been relaxing, but I’m definitely ready for things to get a little crazy again.

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