The guy at the gym…

I’ve had a crush on a guy at my gym for awhile.

I don’t usually chat with people at the gym,  or really anywhere these days.  I’m shy (believe it or not).  I’m the type of person who wears headphones to avoid strangers. The older I get the more and more I “hide” in my cell phone at parties and upon meeting new people. I play on Facebook and text.  Maybe it’s a weird defene mechanism.  I get nervous and avoid conversation, I especially dodge talking about myself-(other than this self-indulgent blog I suppose.)

I first noticed the guy at the gym approximately 2 months ago.  I was on the elliptical machine.  He got on the machine next to me.  We did not speak.  I considered saying something and removing my headphones…but what would I say?  After imagining what it would be like to actually talk to him, my time working out flew by.  I got off my machine.  I turned around. He got off his machine too.  It was wishful thinking that maybe he was imagining a conversation with me in his head and that maybe that he was shy too!

The next few weeks at the gym we’d barely make eye contact, but I felt that perhaps he was working up the courage to talk to me. I had no idea what to say to him, if anything…so I kept my mouth shut.  Then one day a friend of mine walked up to him and high fived him….YES!  Maybe I had an “in” with my gym crush-maybe our surprise mutual friend could fix us up!  When he wasn’t around, I asked my friend what he knew the mystery man.  He assured me that he was single and straight and that he would see what he could do!

The next time I came to the gym, my crush barely looked at me, but he now started using workout equipment ACROSS the room from me and around the corner.  Yes, I fear that my secret gym crush does not like me back.  I did notice that he’s been talking to one of the aerobic instructors.  They do cardio together a few times a week.  He doesn’t use the elliptical anymore, he’s moved on to running on a treadmill.

At first I felt a little rejected and embarassed that my gym crush didn’t like me.  Then I realized that I’ve never said a single word to him.  I don’t really care that he doesn’t like me.  I’m not even embarrased so much because it’s not like I got wasted at a bar and professed anything to him.  I also observed that he and the aerobic intstructor are now ignoring one another…so perhaps he’s a “player” at the gym and maybe it’s best that it didn’t work out.

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