Insomnia update and softball…

I haven’t been blogging lately…as you’ve probably noticed.  Then I looked at my reader stats and realized that if you don’t blog frequently…well, people stop reading.

I’ve had sleeping problems for YEARS…thanks to my amazing acupuncturist, Deb, she gave me some magical Chinese herbs that have helped me re-enter the landof slumber!  I don’t know exactly what they are, but they work!  Accupuncture and Chinese herbs ROCK!  My sleeping patterns are slowly but surely normalizing once again!

I’ll be attempting to play softball on Sunday with Rick’s Cabaret and the good and lovely people from FOX News.  Tune into FOX News to catch highlights from the game.  It should be…interesting.  I’m not good at softball.  At all.

A friend of mine recently purchased a Luis Vuitton tote bag.  She was bragging about how it can hold 400lbs and not break.  Is that a selling point?  Being able to tote around 400lbs in a tote bag?  I can’t really think of a time where I’ll need to lug around something that heavy.  I kind of want to see if she’ll let me sit in to see if it rips or something.  I don’t weigh even close to 400lbs…but I’m curious!

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