Insomnia…week two.


I’ve been dealing with insomnia for about two weeks now.  A lot of it has to do with the fact that I haven’t had alcohol for over a month now.  I also gave up coffee.  My body is freaking out because I gave up it’s two essential “survival” vices.  “Is it hard to give up both caffeine and alcohol at the same time?” people have asked.

Yes people, it’s hard..and expensive.  I’ve switched my “vices” to soy hot chocolates and massive amounts of herbal tea and more cardio at the gym.

Every night/morning, I go to bed later and later…(or now that it’s 6:30 am) earlier and earlier.

I think I may cave and go to the Dr. this week and get a sleeping aid.  I’ve been taking Bach Flower remedies’ “Rescue Sleep”.  On the bottle it says to only take two sprays. I’m up to five.

Moments in my sleeplessness, such as now, I miss being able to throw back a few shots of vodka and passing out…but I don’t miss the nasty hangover.

Wish me luck…Im going to try and get some sleep!

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