“So what do you do?…”

Upon meeting new people, it’s always interesting how I decide to handle this question.  Men ask me this more than women do.  My answer depends on many different factors.  How much alcohol the other person has had, and what kind of mood I’m in.  I usually say “I’m a writer…” then that of course spawns the question: “What do you write about?”

“Personal non-fiction.” I say.

“Like stuff about you?”


“Oh. Like what?” they usually look confused.

“Oh I’ve had some interesting life experiences, nothing too crazy really.” Usually by this point, I take it upon myself to start asking the other person about themselves.  Then they forget about asking me about me.  Last night I was hanging out with a group of guy friends.  They were with girlfriends of theirs and one asked me “So…what do you do?”

“Randi works for a guy named Rick!” said my guy friend laughing.

“Who’s that?”asked his girlfriend.

“She’s a graphic designer.” he said laughing.

“Randi works for a company called Ricks’, it’s publically traded on NASDAQ.” said another guy friend laughing.

“What is it?” asked another female.

“Well…” I chimed in, “It’s kind of like a dinner theatre with some stages and a streakhouse, it’s really cool and located in Midtown.”

“So wait, they do graphic design there too?” said the other girl genuinely interested.

The topic was changed to something else…but I got a kick out of the conversation.

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