Just Another Exciting Day in The Life…

Today was pretty eventful for me.  (note sarcasm).

I went to see my shrink, then I went to H and M and looked at a cheap sundress that was on sale for $10.  It was the third time I’ve looked at this dress and I decided I really do not like it or want it.  My deciding factor on whether or not I’ll purchase something usually has to do if I go home and obsess about it, or dream about it.  I had both of those things happen with this dress.  However, when I went back to the store for the THIRD time I knew that I didn’t like the dress.  I think when I dreamt about it, it was prettier and maybe made of chiffon or something to the effect.

So as I was heading down the escalator I noticed a girl standing in line waiting with amazing legs and an extremely short skirt, her shopping bag had caused her skirt to expose one half of her perfect cellulite free ass.  I’m sorry…but I stared at it for a second, it was an amazing ass…then I went up to her (as my mom told me to do in high school when this happened to cheerleaders-“Even mean ones” she would say) and I told her, despite the language barrier that her ass was showing, she motioned for me to help her, so I pulled her micro skirt down for her.  That was my good deed of the day my friends.

I then went to Banana Republic and bought a Chanel inspired sweater dress on sale, that is short sleeved.  Since it’s short sleeved, can I wear it during the summer?  Or no?  Ah…fashion questions.  Exciting stuff I know.

It’s been raining in New York for so many days that I’ve lost count, this weather is miserable.

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