Should I Get a Dog?

I know what some of you are immediately thinking: “NO…NO Randi do NOT get a dog..DO NOT.”

I probably won’t, but figured that it would make an interesting blog.  Scientific studies have proven many things, one of them being that people who own pets-dogs in particular live longer and are happier. I believe we chatted about this once Jonathan?

I knew a girl once, and only one person reading this probably knows this story-(A.) The girl was kind of a bitch, but as soon as she got a dog her entire life changed.  She became a TOTALLY different much happier person.  People could tolerate her, they noticed a significant change in her attitude.  Her dog was really adorable, it wasn’t a “pocket dog”, it was a terrier mutt of some sort and it went with her everywhere.  I did think it was strange of her to bring it to a bar in the West Village one night, but nonetheless, it was still a cute dog.  The girl even bought a CAR specifically to take her dog into the country over the weekends.

Eventually, something very sad happened.  Her dog was hit by a car and it died in her arms.  She went back to being kind of a bitch, but I had heard she had reverted back to bitchy ways before the dog died anyways…so…my point is.  She’s been too heartbroken to get another one since.  Man that’s depressing…

Should I get a dog?  I don’t think I’m a miserable person in the least, but who couldn’t stand to be a little more happier in their life?  Then I start thinking about how much money dogs cost, and how they’re almost kind of like little kids.  Maybe I’m not ready for a dog yet.  I wonder if I could “rent” a dog.

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