The truth just keeps coming out!…

I just got home from a nice evening out, but some interesting things happened.

Things with the last guy I dated ended a little over a month ago.  A friend that I saw tonight, told me some “unsavory” things that my ex tried to pull over on me while we were dating.  He didn’t realize how many mutual friends he and I, and the other female involved, all had.  Very VERY stupid on his part.  Sure, things are over between us now.  Hearing more about how dishonest he was to me, only makes me happier that I’m out of the situation.  The lies he told me just keep coming out from everywhere!  It’s crazy!  If you’re going to make your main hobby outside of work juggling women and lying, I suggest you get better at it, and date outside of your social circle to avoid conflicts and things coming to bite you back in the ass.

I was also told that he got back with his ex.  Am I upset about this, if that’s indeed the case?  No.  I wish her the best.  She’s a very nice girl.  I wish for him to get exactly what he deserves…I’ll leave that up to karma.

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