Religion and dating…

I once pretended that I was Jewish to date someone…’s not that I actually said “I’m Jewish.”  I just never said I wasn’t.  I’d bring up my half Jewish cousin’s bar and bat-mizvahs at least every other time I saw the guy so he’d believe that we were raised in the same faith.  Eventually after two years of dating, he admitted that he knew I wasn’t Jewish the entire time, yet got a kick out of me trying to keep up the act…it wasn’t much of one.

My last REAL serious relationship which was almost 9 years ago involved a guy who was Baptist…yet he claimed he was atheist, I think he said that moreso to appear as bit of a rebel, and to appear “cool” to me.  Yet he had some bibles, and some other religious artifacts around his apartment.

I think the strangest religious background I have encountered in dating, however, are Buddhists.  I have been involved with two men who have claimed to be Buddhists.

The first one talked a good game.  He explained Buddhism as a loving, accepting, “free” religion.  He was easy to get along with.  I saw right though his act though, and after two dates-pushed him into the friend zone.  I’m sincerely glad I did that, because I witnessed the havoc he wrecked on the two-five girls he strung along at the same time.

The second one was a different story.  Smooth talker and liar, telling me what I wanted to hear.  Also explaining Buddhism as being able to “do as I please” and “be accepted”,  and not being “deprived” of certain things.  He told me that he was monogamous with me, and didn’t have the desire to see other women.  I gave him more than plenty of opportunities to let me know if he felt differently.  Yet, he still told me he stood strong on his love for me.  He FORGOT to mention that he also felt this way about his ex-girlfriend-that he was still sleeping with, and a few other girls that he’d hook up with from time to time.

It doesn’t really make sense saying, “I want to be free to do as I please…” and yet turning around in the next breath saying, “I just want to be with you…” do those cancel each other out?  I didn’t know that lying and deception were part of Buddhism.  Did I miss something here?

Even something more odd.  The current guy I’m interested in…is Catholic.  He knows EVERYTHING about me.  Yet, he’s still interested.  Funny considering that Catholicism is one of the more stricter religions.

Not like I’m a horrible person or anything, but no one is perfect.  He’s admitted his faults to me.  I’ve definately seen him in not so great situations.  But you know what…at the end of the day…someone not lying, not being dishonest, and just being upfront about who they are and what they want are absolutely what anyone deserves in something platonic or romantic.  If you don’t treat people with respect…how can you expect to be treated the same way….?

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