Press in Brazil…and Target.

Revista Magazine in Brazil did a smashing story about the ecnonomy, featuring me and Ricks’ Cabaret.  Of course I cannot read the language it’s in…but hey…if anyone can and cares to let me know what it says, let me know.  Check it here:

I totally forgot about doing this interview.  I did many of these about two months ago and they’re starting to resurface and refresh my memory, which is kind of cool…

I wish summer would get here.  I mean officially get here.  It’s been cold and rainy in New York for what seems likes days.  I haven’t felt super inspired lately to write much…but then again, it could be due to the fact that I just got home from working a three day in a row mega shift.  Let’s hope that my brain will revert back to “normal” tomorrow in the am/pm, whenever I arise.

One exciting thing…I’m redecorating my apartment…I’m buying new furniture tomorrow and going to Target.  Wow…the exciting life a stripper lives…exciting stuff I know.  I wish there was a Target in Manhattan.  I wish they would get rid of the two lousy K-Mart’s that the city has and replace them with Target.  Why can’t that happen?  Why are there only Targhettos’ (Targets in outbouroughs that don’t have good stuff)?  I don’t like the Kathy Ireland clothing line there, and I although I’ve heard that the Martha Stewart paint is really great, I think anything at Target would be better.

I once met a high up from Target at a convention years ago and I asked him why there wasn’t one in the city.  He really couldn’t give me a good answer.

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