“Girl You’ve Got a CRAZY Ass!…” amungst other things.

So I’m walking down the street the other day in my “uniform”- which consists of Old Navy workout capris, a black wife beater and black hoodie (see people, strippers do not always wear gowns and bikinis), when I hear a man that I pass in front of yell out.

“Girl, you’ve got a CRAZY ass!  Girrrrl!!!!”

I am assuming this is a compliment, uh…right?  I hope.

I’m a curvaceous young lady and far from fat, but far from stick skinny.  I used to be really self-concious about my booty.  Then thankfully in the late 90’s J-Lo made it acceptable to be well endowed in the rear. I notice that the most “compliments” I receive are when I’m wearing my “uniform”….hmm…?

Okay…on to the next topic.  So I’ve given up drinking for the time being.  I’m walking down the street (once again in my “uniform”) and I pass the liqour store I used to frequent.  The owner and his employee actually run out of the store and yell at me:

“Where have you been?!?!”

“Oh hey guys…I’m not drinking for awhile. I’ve decided to just cut back for a bit.”  I say this, expecting a “congrats” or an “Oh good for you.”  That’s not whatI get.

“What?!” the owner says looking very displeased.

“Yeah, you know, I just need a little break.”

“Oh well…you can come back in a few weeks…you know we’ll see you back.”

“Uh…well it’s going to be at LEAST for a few months.” I tell him.  No smile.  No nothing.  He looks pretty upset.  This also brings me to another topic.


Remember my letter/blog to Starbucks?

Well…my gift card finally ran out, so I went to the store and bought a box of tea that will last me for at least a week that costs me 3o cents less than I pay for it on a daily basis.

One thing that I will miss is the human interaction that I get from Starbucks.  Sometimes I think that’s what makes me go there.  I feel that they are some of my only “human” friends these days that I actually see on a daily basis.  They ask me questions about what I’ve been up to, and maybe they could care less what my answers are…but they make me feel special.

Also, thanks to Mala, Ashley, Julie, Jen and  S. The past week has been un-expected and bizarre.  I thank all of my friends for being supportive.

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