I love champagne…LOVE it.  Lately getting a glass or bottle of champagne for me at work has been like trying to find a unicorn.

Recently I have decided to completely and totally STOP drinking.  Let me tell you something.  If you want to get your hands on some champagne, do what I did.  Stop drinking, and it will be everywhere!

At our company meeting on Saturday, we were awarded with a Perrier Joet Champagne party!  YAY!  I love PJ.  It was free flowing and around the bar.  I’ve tried PJ more times than I’ve probably had diet coke.  So I had to sit at the bar and watch everyone guzzle down the champagne.

I’ve noticed that everytime I’ve tried to cut down on drinking something weird happens that prevents me from fully doing so.  The last time I tried to stop was when I was in West Hollywood walking down Santa Monica Blvd, a girlfriend and I passed “The Palms” (the nightclub…NO not the 4 star steakhouse)…we couldn’t resist the all you can drink for $5.00 sign in the door, and of course I couldn’t resist enterting the wet t-shirt contest that was there that night where I won $200….ahhh the tests we are thrown at in life.

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