Summer School…

I really want to go to summer school again this year.  Last year my parents paid for it.  This year they won’t.  It sucks.  I didn’t get to go to college I wanted to growing up, my family couldn’t afford it.

You’re probably thinking, “Can’t the stripper on The O’Reilly Factor afford summer school?”

I’m really weird with budgeting and I have the money saved, but I don’t think I should spend it.  Today when I was talking to my therapist who has been giving me crap for boozing it up too much.  I told her I couldn’t afford to go financially.

“You’re giving up something creative for alcohol!”

“Uh…how does spending like 5 Grand on school have anything to do with me having some vodka?”

“You’ll just spend that money on alcohol.”

“Uh…not THAT much money.”

The other night a man came into work and offered me $100 to go to Foxwoods Casino and have sex with him.  No thanks.

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