Celebrity Crush…

I’m still recuperating from the “episode” that happened Saturday night.  The whole thing actually made me think about my celebrity crush that I dated.

I dated my celebrity crush a few years ago.  He wasn’t a HUGE celeb, but he was someone that I had always had a bit of a crush on.  I randomly met him, we dated, etc…he really broke my heart and I don’t think he ever realized how much I loved him, if at all.  He was really weird in a good way and we got along very well.  We don’t talk at all anymore.  I often wonder if he reads this blog, but I doubt that he does or doubt that he really ever cared about me.

When Celebrity Crush cut me out of his life I was really upset, and I still don’t quite understand why that happened.  I hated him for a long time, and part of me still kind of does.  After what happened on Saturday though…I harbor more anger towards my recent ex.  Celebrity Crush was at least honest and upfront about ditching me.  He didn’t lie to my face.

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