Have you ever wanted to do something nice for someone and then questioned whether or not they would deserve it?

I’ve started to learn that if you have to question something like that, that the answer is probably no. They don’t deserve it.

I’m not perfect in many ways and I know this. I’ve apologized for my mistakes. I’ve been lucky to have been forgiven for some of my faults and I’m constantly working on bettering myself.

You can’t blame someone for pissing you off when they didn’t know that a small mistake would make you angry and walk away without giving things another shot.

I’m not too sure on how I feel about things right now. My point is…if you question on whether or not someone deserves something nice, and sweet, they probably do not. I have no tolerance for people who can’t even appreciate the good intentions.

I have little tolerance for liars. I know they’ll always turn around and kick me when I’m down.

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