Oh my!

So I’m on the subway today and it’s rush hour.  I’m wearing a sweater dress with a hoodie.  I’m holding the pole with one hand, and the other is in the front pocket of my hoodie.  I’m wearing two thick clothing items layered.  I’m standing there, and a woman makes eye contact with me who’s sitting.  I smile, then she says something.

“Do you want to sit down?”

“No I’m fine.”  I say this surprised.  Why is she offering me her seat???

“Are you sure?” she says really persistant.

“No, I’m fine.”

“Really?  Are you sure, because you can have my seat.” she’s almost begging me to take her seat.  Then I realize what’s happening.

She thinks I’m pregnant.

“I’m not pregnant.  I’m just fat.” I say this not rudely, but moreso to get her to stop asking me to sit down.  I feel bad, because I know she had good intentions, but why else would she keep asking me to sit?

The crowded train looks at me in shock, one guy starts to laugh.  The poor woman closes her eyes and sits with her head down for the rest of the ride.  I almost wanted to say to her, “Hey, thanks I know you meant well by that…but I’m not pregnant.”  I thought about saying, “I’m not pregnant, but sure I’ll take your seat!”

Maybe I should throw away my hoodie.

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