I question the sanitation of these places…

I just returned from getting an 90 minute deep tissue massage from one of those Chinese places.  I’ve been going to this particular place for YEARS now and the same little Asian lady always massages me.  Lately, I’ve started really thinking about whether or not the pillow I’m laying on is clean, or if the hot towels they use are as well.

Today I realized they are probably dirty….very dirty.

I go in the little curtained room to lay down and I stare at the baby blue towel.  It feels kind of moist, it feels dirty and it’s not really baby blue anymore…so I sneak out and grab a cleaner looking towel.

My massage begins and it’s pretty good.  Then the woman runs off to get what I think is going to be a hot towel.

“Towel no hot, okay?”….

I’m pretty sure the towel was used on the person next to me first…yuck.  It was barely lukewarm, and she used it so fast as if to acknowledge the fact that it’s “used”.

So at the end of the massage I’m pretty skeeved out.  I get dressed and look around for my socks.  They were nowhere to be found.  I call the lady over, and we look everywhere and cannot find them.  Instead we find a pair of someone ELSE’S socks.  I guess someone decided to take mine, which were probably gross from me being at the gym before that.

All of the massage ladies apologized.  I thought it was quite funny.

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