A guy I used to date stopped talking to me recently.  He used to always panic and ask me:

“Are you writing about me, because if you are and it gets published…it’s over.”  We stopped dating quite awhile ago, but attempted a friendship that he couldn’t seem to get a grip on.

So recently he completely and totally bailed on me as a friend.  He really dropped the ball.  He had no good reason other than saying things were “too weird”.  I certainly made a huge effort to be friends, he couldn’t get over that weirdness.  The whole thing really left me with hurt feelings and a lot of un-answered questions.  What’s the point in me posting this blog?

Maybe I’m giving him a warning, or a chance to explain some things.  Things are already “over” between us as far as I’m concerned so what’s preventing me from NOT writing about you? You know?

Just saying.

I’m not a mean person, sure I made that girl think she had swine flu, but I wasn’t being malicious.  This person I used to date though seriously hurt me.  I don’t think they realize that.

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