Can anyone answer this for me?

Has anyone living here in NYC ever noticed that tourists flock to places to eat that are totally access-able to them in their hometowns?  Anyone know what I’m talking about?

When I enter the cluster fuck part of town, otherwise known as Times Square, I notice the masses of people frequenting The Olive Garden, Sabarro, Red Lobster, and Ruby Tuesdays.  These places are always jam packed with screaming children and people who barely speak English.

I will admit, I do like The Olive Garden.  If you’ve lost some respect for me because of my admittance to that…well…I don’t care.  I did eat at the one in Times Square a few years ago on my birthday because I thought it was funny.  Venus and Serena Williams were eating there at the same time…so see, celebrities like chain restaurants too.  The Olive Garden isn’t “real” Italian food, and the sad thing is that a tourist could venture down any other avenue and find much higher quality food for a lot cheaper.  Then again, the unlimited salad and breadsticks has been a favorite of mine since high school-when I went to The Olive Garden on a double date.

As for Sabarro…I mean that’s so food court in mid-america shopping malls…why do these tourists go there?  I have not been to Sabarro for over ten years, and intend to keep it that way.

I wish there was a Cici’s Pizza in New York , or a Soup Plantation…surely having these amazing saladbar chains would prevoke massive flu like epidemics in Manhattan, so I understand why these places do not exist in the city.  I still really wish they’d get rid of Kmart and put a Target in there instead.

2 thoughts on “Can anyone answer this for me?

  1. most people have zero interest in hidden gems. when their nyc vacation is done and they go back to middle america, what story can they bring back that will impress people? olive garden works, because neighbors will assume it’s like their own olive garden, but better.

    nyc functions like a name brand. saying something is “from new york” is like naming a designer. “olive garden from new york” is like double designer.

  2. There was that episode of the Office where Michael Scott goes to NYC and visits his “favorite Manhattan pizza joint” which turns out to be the Times Square Sbarrros.

    I took an ex who grew up in Brooklyn once to the Times Square Olive Garden out of principle since she had never been there. What terrified me was that our waitress was such a Mid-Western white bread middle aged woman I was convinced they bussed her in from Ohio. At least at TGIF you will see someone you identify with as an actual New Yorker working there…..

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