TV People…

Well I managed to piss off a camera crew the other day while doing an interview.  I swear the crew was more pretentious than any other media people I’ve dealt with as of late, not to mention the language barrier probably prevented them from understanding any jokes I was trying to crack.  While waiting for my interview I was given a shot to drink, I downed it, before sunddenly being told/realizing that I was not given one shot of liquor, but FOUR.  Oh my!  This of course was fine with me, but made me a little lucid and probably more relaxed than I would’ve been.  I suppose this made the crew think that I’d be willing to actually “strip” for them on camera.  When they were told that, uh NO, I wasn’t taking off my top on camera for them…they certainly seemed a bit shocked and annoyed.

I put back my civilian clothes on and sat in a basement and ate a salad while trying to sober up.  This was all before 1:00pm.  I then decided to do another shot, because at this point I was feeling pretty spiffy.  I left and went to get a 90 minute massage that has left me with mulitple bruises, but at the same time was a completely amazing experience.

Other than just returning from a fabulous dinner with wonderful company.  I’ve been writing for the past seven hours, my brain is fried and I’m truly excited to watch “The Cougar” on TV Land later tonight.  I have it tivo’d!  Woo hoo!

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