Lily Burana’s New Book…

I had the pleasure of meeting Lily Burana at her book release party last night.

Her new book is called “I Love A Man In Uniform”.

Lily was the first stripper turned author.  This is her third book.  She couldn’t have been more friendly and sweet.  Make you sure pick up a copy at your local bookstore, or through

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Swine Flu…

For starters, this is my facebook page:

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Okay now…

Oh great…just what we need, another epidemic to worry about.  I get scared of random things.  The Ebola thing terrified me, and SARS did too…now this?  Not to mention a really good friend of mine’s roommate is getting back from Mexico tomorrow, I hope she doesn’t have Swine Flu.

Last night I was bored at work and this drunk girl was walking around being somewhat annoying.  She complained about maybe coming down with a cold or something and having swollen glands.

“You might have swine flu.”  I said.  “It’s already killed some people.  What did you eat today?”

“I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.” she said, looking terrified.

“What brand of jelly?”

“Smuckers.” she said.

“Oh…maybe I shouldn’t say anything else…I could be wrong, but maybe you should google it to be sure.”  Of course everyone around me knew I was kidding, but the poor girl ended up calling her mom to ask her about what I said, and then going home and not working for the rest of the night.

Does this make me a bad person?  No, it makes me a bored one.  Watch me probably get swine flu or something as bad karma.

Beer Pong!

If you subscribe to Howard TV “Strip Beer Pong” is now available on demand!  Here’s a super fun trailer.

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Okay…keep in mind, this is NOT like watching me on “The Soprano’s” or “Mona Lisa Smile”…if you are related to me by blood, or in any other way you probably don’t want to watch this.  It was the funnest shoot ever, but my performance isn’t Oscar worthy in any sense.
Check out my friend Zuzanna’s new web series.  She’s Dorota on “Gossip Girl”.  I am in no way affliated with the CW or any teen programming there, just wanted to give a “shout out” to Zuz and to let everyone know they should watch it.


I’m sure this sounds like a plug, but I don’t care.  Rick’s Cabaret is having a party tonight launching their new rooftop patio.  It’s fabulous and you should stop by and check it out from 6-8.  If you can’t come by tonight…well it’s still going to be there next week, and the week after, etc…

Sorry this blog is pretty bland and boring today.  I’m not having the best day today and unfortunately I have to just keep my mouth shut about it.  More news to report in the very near future.  I’m still trying to figure out how I got the huge bruise on my arm from last night….oh boy.

Can anyone answer this for me?

Has anyone living here in NYC ever noticed that tourists flock to places to eat that are totally access-able to them in their hometowns?  Anyone know what I’m talking about?

When I enter the cluster fuck part of town, otherwise known as Times Square, I notice the masses of people frequenting The Olive Garden, Sabarro, Red Lobster, and Ruby Tuesdays.  These places are always jam packed with screaming children and people who barely speak English.

I will admit, I do like The Olive Garden.  If you’ve lost some respect for me because of my admittance to that…well…I don’t care.  I did eat at the one in Times Square a few years ago on my birthday because I thought it was funny.  Venus and Serena Williams were eating there at the same time…so see, celebrities like chain restaurants too.  The Olive Garden isn’t “real” Italian food, and the sad thing is that a tourist could venture down any other avenue and find much higher quality food for a lot cheaper.  Then again, the unlimited salad and breadsticks has been a favorite of mine since high school-when I went to The Olive Garden on a double date.

As for Sabarro…I mean that’s so food court in mid-america shopping malls…why do these tourists go there?  I have not been to Sabarro for over ten years, and intend to keep it that way.

I wish there was a Cici’s Pizza in New York , or a Soup Plantation…surely having these amazing saladbar chains would prevoke massive flu like epidemics in Manhattan, so I understand why these places do not exist in the city.  I still really wish they’d get rid of Kmart and put a Target in there instead.

Haterz…part duex.

I didn’t think I’d have to post ANOTHER entry like this, but I suppose I do.

I still can’t quite grasp how some people, people I WORK WITH and I actually get along with, don’t understand common courtesy and good manners.

This isn’t everyone I work with, but honestly:

Think before you speak…..I swear!

If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your trap shut.  If you don’t know if what you will say, to me, or anyone else for that matter may be taken the wrong way…that’s usually an indicator to not say anything at all.

YES! Miss USA!

Oh man!  I’m so excited (because I’m truly a dork) that the Miss USA pageant is on tonight!  I won’t be home to watch it, but I am certainly TIVO’ing it.   Maybe someone will fall again this year on the runway, or maybe someone will fall out of their bikini top.

I’ve always noticed how the more scandalous contestants seem to get better press than the actual winners.  Look at Vanessa Williams, she’s been the most successful former Miss America, at least in my opinion.  Look at that Miss USA girl who gave the weird answer about geography last year.  I certainly can’t remember what the former Miss USA’s are up to, other than the now sadly cancelled series “Pageant Place”…bring it back Donald…bring it back!

TV People…

Well I managed to piss off a camera crew the other day while doing an interview.  I swear the crew was more pretentious than any other media people I’ve dealt with as of late, not to mention the language barrier probably prevented them from understanding any jokes I was trying to crack.  While waiting for my interview I was given a shot to drink, I downed it, before sunddenly being told/realizing that I was not given one shot of liquor, but FOUR.  Oh my!  This of course was fine with me, but made me a little lucid and probably more relaxed than I would’ve been.  I suppose this made the crew think that I’d be willing to actually “strip” for them on camera.  When they were told that, uh NO, I wasn’t taking off my top on camera for them…they certainly seemed a bit shocked and annoyed.

I put back my civilian clothes on and sat in a basement and ate a salad while trying to sober up.  This was all before 1:00pm.  I then decided to do another shot, because at this point I was feeling pretty spiffy.  I left and went to get a 90 minute massage that has left me with mulitple bruises, but at the same time was a completely amazing experience.

Other than just returning from a fabulous dinner with wonderful company.  I’ve been writing for the past seven hours, my brain is fried and I’m truly excited to watch “The Cougar” on TV Land later tonight.  I have it tivo’d!  Woo hoo!

Rock of Ages…

Although it was last week, I definitly wanted to write about the opening night of the Broadway show “Rock of Ages”:

It has tons of popular power ballads and awesome songs.  I was especially thrilled that part of the story line included that the main girl became desperate and became stripper, then at the end she is able to quit and falls in love with Constantine from American Idol, and they give birth to a Cabbage Patch Kid.  I was also pleased that they allowed alcoholic beverages in the theatre.

I was excited that I was able to go to the opening night party where they had a nice pasta and sald bar set up.  My friend approached Constantine to say hello, and he turned to me and said, “Weren’t you on FOX last week.”  I told him I was and he said I did a great job and wished me the best of luck in my endeavors.

I know this might be a little dated…but if you have time, check out this link to a story The Today Show did about an NY anti-smoking campaign.  Sure I think it’s a attention grabbing commerical…but how did they get that little kid to cry?!?