Wow…thanks to the even MORE new readers.

Just home from yet again another day of press and a shift at work.  Apparently I received some phone calls at the club asking for “reservations” with the New York Post Stripper….wow!  I feel like a trendy restaurant!  Thanks!

Tonight I was in “disguise” at work and heard one man say, “Where’s that stripper from The Post?!”.  I kept quiet and didn’t say anything.

I’ve gotten a lot of requests on Facebook and I really haven’t had that chance to get back to anyone yet, but hold tight.

Thanks for everyone who caught me on FOX earlier today…good times.  Thanks to FOX for having me.  Love to come back again.

More in the next 12 hours.

Again, questions….comments…whatever…bring it.

Lot’s of people seem to have their own ideas about what’s going on here.  Ask.  I’ll tell.  I have nothing to hide.  ALSO…someone wrote something about me having fake boobs.  CLEARLY they did not read part of my blog.  They’re real…and spectacular!

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