NY Post…


I knew the about the article.  I just didn’t know I was going to be on the COVER.  WOW.

A few things are misplaced due to editing.  If you have questions send them and I’ll clear everything up.


It’s funny, I told my friends I made the cover.  Their first reaction was:

“Did you kill someone?  How did you make the cover of the New York Post?”

2 thoughts on “NY Post…

  1. Great job. I love that you are on the cover of the NY Post. Really a success story. Good luck – not that you need it. It is clear you have a strong head on your shoulders – and you certainly aren’t bashful.

    I was attracted to your Blog from the Post story and found it quite insightful and funny. Man, to have been in one of those offices in NY for those three weeks – and noticed you walking around like that. But, I guess I would have felt guilty about being a voyeur. No, I’m sure I would probably have rationalized it with “She must know what she’s doing to me (as if she noticed me there)”.

    Anyway – best of luck on your bright future. Really wish you the best. Too bad you won’t do a bachelor party, though. Ha Ha Just kidding!

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