Things I like to do because my roommate is out of town…

My roomy has been away for almost a month.  Yee haw!

Sure she’s nice and all, but it’s even nicer when she’s not here because I can do whatever I want.  We get along fine, but I keep to myself for the most part.  She knows nothing about her personal life-although there’s a bag of old stripper clothes in my living room that I’m curious as to if she’s stumbled upon them.

I’ve been walking around in my underwear a lot and leaving clothing all over the floor.  Then I realized in walking around in just a pair of panties that the office buildings surrounding me were probably getting quite a show, so now I’ve stopped doing it. Too bad it took me almost 3 weeks to discover that….

I attempted to have a party, only to realize that no one was available to come.  In planning the party I realized that I have like…7 friends.  Then I was glad the party didn’t work out because I wouldn’t even know how to go about throwing one other than buying a bunch of alcohol and mixers.

Now I look at my apartment with dread.  I only have a few days to completely and totally re-organize before she’s back.  Then I will once revert to staying in my room watching bad reality television and reading all hours of my days and nights.

Speaking of…this is a truly train wreck of a fight that was on “The Real World Brooklyn”…it starts at the very beginning when JD gets mad that the people on in the house won’t have a “family” pow wow…so he decides to break a glass coffee table with a bowl of fruit…AWESOME!  That’s the best part of the clip…and probably the show this whole season.

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