Sprint PCS is like a bad boyfriend…

I have had a love hate relationship with Sprint for several years now.  We have communication issues and they always manage to lure me back in with empty promises, and upgrades that I usually end up regretting.

In a drunken stupor a few nights ago I managed to kick my phone off the bed while asleep.  Now it won’t charge.  I went to buy a universal charger tip, it worked for about 30 minutes, went to Radio Shack today, and I almost bought another tip.  Then the Sprint salesguy told me that I was possibly due for an upgrade which meant I could get a $400 phone for $150.  I would just have to sign a two year contract and the phone could be mine.

In the excitement of getting a brand new cell phone, I put the last arguments that Sprint and I had over the past 8 monthsto rest.  Last month they cancelled my Los Angeles line without telling me and charged me $350? w t f ?!  I didn’t give them permission.  Of course I got a refund and a sincere apology.  I have threatened to leave sprint pcs over the years, but at the end of the day I do not think they would care….Sprint has no loyalty to me.  I feel as if I’m in a bad marriage that will never end, but hey…at least I have a super cool new phone.  Thanks Sprint!

One thought on “Sprint PCS is like a bad boyfriend…

  1. Saw you on The Factor and thought you handled yourself with class and style. Fascinating story. I admire your candor and your ambition. Had to comment on your Sprint post…I feel your pain. I’ve been a Sprint customer for probably 10 years, and every few months I have some battle with them. To their credit, it almost always gets resolved to my satisfaction, but the point is nearly everytime it’s something stupid that if they were doing a good job to start with never would have happened. I could really relate to the part about having your LA line cut off with no notice with no explanation. The exact same thing happened to me just over a year ago (except my line wasn’t in LA). No notice, no explanation of what happened, and after two weeks of them trying to figure it out they had to get me a completely new phone with a new phone number. Insane! And I won’t even tell you about the latest with my Razr and Sprint…just let me say if you don’t have a Razr with Sprint, don’t get one!

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