Booze Booze Booze! (boobs boobs boobs!)

Over the past 6 months, I decided to make a STRONG effort to cut down on my drinking.

It’s working. (no this is not sarcasm)

My love/hate affair with alcohol only began 8 years ago.  I worked as a manager for a liquor company and I was “required” to drink at events, buy drinks, make drinks, drink more.  I was never a drinker in high school or college. Like I didn’t try a drop of alcohol until I was 21, and I don’t even think I enjoyed it.  As time passed I started realizing how accessible alcohol was to me.  I remember one night during a rough time with someone I had been dating I consumed my first bottle of $3.00 White Zinfandel in it’s entirety-I remember watching VH1 and being completely enthralled with the currently popular “Hot in Herrrrr” by Nelly, drunk, thinking it was the best video in the world.

(this is the part of the blog for the complainers on the xm message board BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS!!!!!)

Then came along the “open bar” parties which I felt obligated to drink for tire duration of.  I mean I thought I was supposed to right?  Then came un-employment, then came the consolation, “Let’s go out for drinks, I’m buying…”

I don’t have a problem with alcohol.  I don’t freak out if I can’t get my hands on a drink.  I don’t “need” it, but certainly don’t mind knocking back a few cocktails.


I remember the night that changed everything with my booze.  After two bottles of wine, I got into a huge argument with someone (who admitted he was in the wrong as well…eventually) It damaged the friendship for half a year and made me re-evaluate a lot of the choices I was making.  I woke up angry at myself for allowing things to get out of hand.  Unfortunately the mistakes I learned came the hard way, but I’m a better person for it.  The friendship proved to be unstable, unrelated to the alcohol, but still…a lesson learned.

In cutting back on drinking, I’ve noticed how it’s affected certain relationships that I have with others.  I have one friend who’s mad that I’ve cut back.  This person is upset that I’m no longer out until 5:00am wasted and eating fried foods at a diner with them.  In cutting back on drinking, I realize that this person and I had a friendship totally based on alcohol.  We have nothing to talk about anymore.

Then there are the relationships that really surprise you and grow deeper.  A friend of mine no longer drinks, but we used to be big binge drinkers together. I’m perfectly happy and content watching tv with this person and just chilling out.  It was a nice pleasant surprise.  Love you A!

It’s nice waking up not so hungover anymore….once in awhile…okay! Not as much as I used to though.


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