Are you anyone’s favorite person?

I love this video.  I find this girl quite endearing.

In fact I like her video a lot more than the Miranda July short that it’s based on.

I watch this from time to time, and I must admit that it makes me tear up.  I think we all strive to be someone’s favorite person in many different ways.  When we have a favorite person, and we’re not their favorite person in return, frankly…it sucks.  When I go to bed at night I wonder if anyone is thinking about me.  My mother tells me that she constantly worries about me, and my sisters…but I know for a fact that I cause her more annoyance than joy so I’m probably not her favorite person.

I have a few favorite people in general.  If your name isn’t here…don’t be offended..these are people I communicate with on a regular basis:

Jonathan, Mala, Gelles, C, Jen, Deangelo.

I worry about you guys and think and care about you more than you’ll ever know.

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