You Look Wonderful Tonight…

I went to karaoke last night, and this incident vividly flashed through my mind.  The reason will be obvious by the end of this blog.

In college, a LONG time ago mind you, I had a brief fling with a Canadian after a bad breakup.  I met him at a piano bar and I remember doing blow job shots with him and drinking White Russians with (this was before I realized how calorically damaging dairy based alcoholic bevs were).  He was in town for three days.  He told me he worked for the Canadian Secret Service and did spy work for them.  I felt like I was with the Canadian James Bond.

Over those three romantic days he told me that he was a songwriter and that he’d like to play something for me that I had inspired him to write about.  I was honored, and politely listened to him pull out his guitar and play a very sweet and simple song.  I wasn’t overtly impressed, but touched that our 3 day romance had made him want to write something about me.

He went back to Canada and attempted to have a phone sex relationship with me that I really wasn’t into and being a college student, I couldn’t afford calling him.  We lost touch and that was fine.  I knew he was busy with secret missions and respected that as well.

Months later, I’m out to dinner with friends and I hear the song that the Canadian wrote for me in the restaurant!

“Oh my gosh you guys!  I dated the guy who wrote this song.”

My friends looked at me and said:

“You dated Eric Clapton?  This Is “You Look Wonderful Tonight”.”  I then realized that I had been “had”.  I googled his name and came to find that he was a bouncer at a popular Canadian nightclub in addition to being a pathological liar.

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