I’ve gotten a ton of the same questions from a variety of people so I thought I’d clear things up with a FAQ.

1. Are you still an exotic dancer?

No I am not.  I’ve had some people actually have the audacity of saying, “OH come on…you don’t have to lie.”  I’m NOT and I have nothing to hide, if I was doing it, I’d be talking about it.

2. Are your boobs real?

YES.  They are.  If I had implants I wouldn’t lie.

3.Have you had any plastic surgery at all?

No.  I’m using these to post-pone botox.  http://www.frownies.com

I’d like to think that they work.

4. Are you single?

I am not married.

5. What do you do in your free time?

I watch bad reality television and enjoy karaoke.

So there you have it.  Hopefully this cleared up some important facts.

The other day I googled myself and saw a message board about the XM show I went on, and some people were talking about how boring this blog is and that I guess they saw some pics of me and didn’t think I was that attractive.  Well…whatever to those people.  Thanks for reading.

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