Exotic Dancer Magazine Rock N’ Roll Awards Show…

Yes here it is.  The second installment of my ED Mag blog.  I know how much great anticipation has been built about this.

We arrive at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and I am escorted to a table at the front of the room.  My good friend Ronnie Mund, “Ronnie the Limo Driver” from the Howard Stern Show is hosting along with Jesse Jane the porn star.vegas-0361

I was sitting next to Ron Jeremy and Denis Hoff from the world famous Bunnyranch.  They are behind me texting in this pic but you can’t see them.  I regret not asking them for a photo or asking Denis for a job (kidding).  He was wearing a light blue glittery shirt, and he was the nicest man.  Ron Jeremy was a bit standoffish.  I was scared to ask them for a pic.  I think I look fat in this.


The awards show was kind of like The Oscars for strip clubs.  They had awards for strip club manager of the year, and club of the year.  Complete with video presentations and everything.


This guy won for something that I can’t remember.  He brought an entourage with him…sweet!

I think my most favorite award went to best new crossover performer, the girl who won was sitting behind me.  She used to work in adult films, but recently started dancing.  When she came back to her seat I congratulated her.  Her response:

“I’m just so thrilled for winning an award like this….I’ve gotten awards before, but for like giving hand jobs and blow jobs on camera…this is really an honor.”

She was genuinely nice and happy.

One man won an award and actually cried.  It was touching and well…weird at the same time.

My other favorite award was for Entertainer of the Year….at the beginning of the night, the four girls up for the award lined up on stage like it was a pageant.  Then they came out throughout the show and did their dance routines.  It was just like the Tony Awards in a weird way.



Some guy from Pantera also presented an award.


Ron Jeremy and Ronnie:


And then the moment we had all been waiting for…Stripper of the Year!  vegas-049

Unfortunately I heard that one girl was so distraught about losing that she locked herself in her hotel room and cried. 😦  I’ve lost pageants before, but losing S.O.T.Y. must be devastating.

After the awards show the fun continued and I passed out in my bed (alone).


The End!  Get ready for August this year!!!!

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